Bright Light Films

represents an informal group of international independent film-makers, producers and film production companies.
We are always looking for actors, scripts/writers, directors, technicians, locations etc. so if you feel you have anything to contribute to a movie please create an account at
Bright Light Films is currently expanding its film distribution channels and developing a low-cost online movie rental service.
The business of film-making is complex, involving many diverse fields of expertise.
A film project founded on a solid movie script can be turned into a quality film by a skilled director, cast & crew, editors etc. but without at least a minimum budget the results often disappointing: The concept of a no-budget movie is a fantasy.
With proper attention to film-financing basics even low-budget movie footage can be compiled into highly watchable and successful films.
Obvious (& extreme) examples include El Mariachi, The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity etc.
By combining creative and business personnel, Bright Light Films is able to manage the entire production process from film package to movie sales & distribution.
Critical factors for a successful movie include:
• The reasons for making the film*
• The quality of screenplay
• The proper casting
• Sufficient investment
• Sound financial management
• Skilled direction
• Skilled editing - especially the movie trailers
These seem obvious (although we seldom see them written down) but what is typically overlooked are reasons for making the movie in the first place and these should always consist of more than simply the urge to create.
The purest critics are those who know nothing about the technical processes of making a film: If they like your movie you could be onto a winner.
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